As an oil & gas production company, Gasco is subjected to difficult work environment most of the time, the ultimate provision of security for all of its employees is Gasco’s first priority.

Our team always stays prepared & foresees future expected injurious accidents beforehand, in order to endeavor to eradicate them from occurring. We provide totally protected and work friendly environment for our people.

Gasco’s Health, Safety and Environmental Management system is crafted in such a way that it incorporates the HSE practices into one program & is consistent throughout the company. By means of this combined & completely consistent company-wide approach, efficiency in the
executed projects

improvisation in tracking is obvious which reveals the manner in which the company maintains its HSE impact followed by ample of chances for the provision of better solutions to confront HSE challenges.

Gasco’s core principles are based on the extensive knowledge & experience they have gained overtime. Today, as an organization this highly influenced company stands where it is, just because of its uncompromised values.

Gasco is highly committed to the conduction of operations that reduce the occurrence of negative environmental impact and meticulously considers the idea of the provision of secure environment to the people.

Due to conduction of projects at various locations, some of which possess quite a hazardous environment, Gasco dedicatedly serves to provide absolute security to every single employee.

Since the protection of our people & our assets is our first priority, we make sure that our workers who are working in any operation associated with hydrocarbons are ultimately safeguarded under the surveillance of the company.

We understand that our people are the crucial asset to our company and social responsibilities towards its host communities and strive to make adequate investments to satisfy their economic and social requirements.