Gasco is highly committed to the conduction of operations that reduce the occurrence of negative environmental impact and meticulously considers the idea of the provision of a secure environment to the people. Environmental considerations and planning are incorporated in all of the plans executed by the Gasco team.

Gasco not only carries out its businesses to satiate the requirements of its clients and stakeholders but also endeavors to improvise and protect the natural resources which will ultimately be beneficial for a better tomorrow. Gasco struggles to face the challenges regarding the environmental issues by comprehending the importance of energy in the global economy and economic growth. Gasco is also concerned about its carbon emissions and has attempted to carry out various recycling activities and conservation efforts for the sake of providing the unpolluted environment.

As an oil & gas production company, Gasco is subjected to difficult work environment most of the time, the ultimate provision of security for all of its employees is Gasco’s first priority.

Due to conduction of projects at various locations, some of which possess quite a hazardous environment, Gasco dedicatedly serves to provide absolute security to every single employee.

Since the protection of our people & our assets is our first priority, we make sure that our workers who are working in any operation associated with hydrocarbons are ultimately safeguarded under the surveillance of the company.

We understand that our people are the crucial asset to our company and social responsibilities towards its host communities and strive to make adequate investments to satisfy their economic and social requirements.