As the successfully growing organization Gasco provides various career opportunities to the highly motivated individuals in an absolutely comfortable and learning environment. This organization is categorized in the following six departments.

  • Engineering Services
  • Engineering & Consultancy
  • Outsource Warehousing
  • Procurement
  • Production Solutions
  • Training Services

Gasco has a diverse fleet of equipment available under rental, lease or rent-to-purchase plans. We offer hundreds of skid-mounted units

Gasco offers an extensive range of engineering disciplines and houses a full-service design department implementing the latest technology. We utilize a project-based organization structure allocating resources to project teams.

The interest & activities of multinationals in Pakistan have increased immensely over the past few years. The evolution of Oil & Gas industry, where creating new avenues, is also providing the opportunity to companies like us to look beyond our usual surfaces and come up with the new ideas and concepts to serve the Industry.

Gasco Operations is active in all areas of Pakistan.

Gasco offers a team of highly trained specialists to manage operate and maintain our customers’ equipment.

Career Development

Gasco provides an absolutely learning and work friendly environment to the employees and also constantly monitors the performance levels of the workers for a greater team performance. The experts of Gasco team inculcate the leadership skills and also identify the workers with various competence – based and management training sessions so that they perform with their best potential.

For the utmost learning of every single employee within the organization Gasco team has recently introduced an e – learning portal company – wide to promote individual learning in various classroom-based programs.

The major aim of the organization is to maintain talent of every single individual throughout for which the company has introduced such initiatives. These initiatives are very helpful in the improvisation of the skills of all the individuals who will simultaneously implement their learnt knowledge and improved skills for their better performance and also to provoke the organizational growth at the same time.

This culture of experts mentoring the employees with their utmost knowledge has proved to be a great opportunity for personal development for the Gasco employees.

Oil and Gas production and transportation is a vital industry, critical to our energy hungry world. In Pakistan, Oil & Gas Industry was in very early ages and it was very much required to get things done on the ever-developing technology. On the contrary, the industry and end-use customer needed articulate, close to customer and prompt approach. This state of affairs led to the establishment of Gasco Engineering Services in 1990, in commercial capital of the country.

The demands were ever growing and service scope was extending. In order to expand its capital base and meet the increasing requirement of capital finance, more partners were taken in and were renamed in 1993 as Gasco Engineering (Private) Limit.

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