Pipeline Construction

Pipeline Construction

Gasco Engineering is determined to become Pakistan’s premier pipeline construction and maintenance company serving the Pipeline Industry throughout Pakistan and the Middle East.

We pride ourselves on our ability to complete our pipeline construction projects in a manner consistent with the utmost regard to environmental protection and employee safety.

Gasco has been serving the pipeline industry by providing safe and efficient pipeline construction and maintenance services. Beginning in the mid-1980′s, Gasco began an aggressive expansion effort while maintaining a dedication to the company’s original goal of providing safe quality work; the same high standard of workmanship our customers had come to expect from Gasco Engineering.

Today, our reputation for safety, experienced personnel, quality, efficiency and jobs completed on schedule and under budget is second to none.

Value can’t be found in only one aspect of your pipeline construction project, but rather in the balance and delivery of all of your priorities. No matter what arrangement fits your needs, Gasco provides you with an experience base that is second to none, a management team that understands preplanning and organized communication, and a quality result produced safely and on-time. Put Gacso Engineering’s commitment to work for you and discover the meaning of value. Our approach to all aspects of our pipeline construction projects has been adopted as our business philosophy, & as we state in all of our advertising.

The material ranges from valves, in assorted size and volume to turbines and compressors. Quantity and bulk varies in cables, pipe and anodes of different caibre. Hi-Tec measurement and calibration equipment for pipeline, plant and consumer use.

Gasco offers an extensive range of engineering disciplines and houses a full-service design department implementing the latest technology. We utilize a project-based organization structure allocating resources to project teams.

Global Procurement and Supply Chain Professionals Contribute to Clients’ Integrated Success. GASCO leverages international procurement expertise, market knowledge and global supply chain networks to provide the best value for Clients’ capital investments.

GASCO can deliver complex, logistically challenging projects anywhere in the country. With a workforce of more than 2,000 employees deployed on projects across the country and 24/7 project-execution capabilities, we deliver projects with the quality and safety our Clients expect.

GASCO technical experts constantly look for ways to streamline project delivery methods. Fabrication is one way we can improve capital efficiencies for ur Clients, regardless of industry.

Gasco has a diverse fleet of equipment available under rental, lease or rent-to-purchase plans. We offer hundreds of skid-mounted units

Gasco Operations is active in all areas of Pakistan.

Gasco offers a team of highly trained specialists to manage operate and maintain our customers’ equipment.

GASCO integrates engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction (EPFC), maintenance and project-management solutions for Clients in diverse industries.

The interest & activities of multinationals in Pakistan have increased immensely over the past few years. The evolution of Oil & Gas industry, where creating new avenues, is also providing the opportunity to companies like us to look beyond our usual surfaces and come up with the new ideas and concepts to serve the Industry.

Gasco Venture Development provides the platform through which customers can access our services under innovative commercial structures that ensure complete alignment.