K-Electric Spur Pipeline

Design, Manufacturing, Supply, Installation, Construction & Commissioning of BQPS RLNG Spur Pipeline Project


Client: K-Electric
Duration: 07 Months
Value: 0.9 M USD
Executed year: 2020
Scope of work:


1)Engineering Validation
2)Equipment & Material
Procured Equipments 1)Line Pipe
2)Piping & Fittings (including 5D bends
3)Emergency Shutdown Valves (ESDVs)
4)Flow Control Valve (FCV)
5)Pressure Switches
6)Restriction Orifice (RO)
7)Flow Transmitter (FT)
8)Instrument Cables
9)Cable Glands
10)Cable Trays and Conduits
11)Tubing and Fittings
12)Junction Boxes
13)Cathodic Protection System items
14)Cable Lugs