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Rental Compression & Production

Gasco has a diverse fleet of equipment available under rental, lease or rent-to-purchase plans. We offer hundreds of skid-mounted units, plus the in-house expertise to modify equipment to your specific field conditions. Renting equipment gives you the flexibility to exchange equipment over the lifecycle of your wells, allowing you to continually optimize your operations while maintaining strategic control of your assets and production.Compressors and facilities are designed based on assumptions about drilling success rates, field-wide production and both short- and long-term well decline curves. These assumptions are not always accurate, which can mean over- or under-built field infrastructure. Renting equipment ensures your equipment is continually right-sized for its operating environment.Gasco’s Rental operations give you access to Gasco’s extensive
compressor rental fleet & broad operational expertise while maintaining strategic control of your assets and production.

Our rental approach includes giving you the flexibility to exchange rented or leased equipment over the lifecycle of your wells, or purchase your rented equipment. As your field conditions change so will your equipment needs – & by working with Gasco, you can make that happen on schedule and on budget. Our technical team will monitor your equipment’s performance to ensure it’s continually running at peak performance and remains right-sized for its operating environment.

Renting or leasing equipment allows you to:

  • Generate weeks of additional cash flow while your compressor package is under construction or being overhauled.
  • Ramp up your facility’s processing capacity quickly in response to opportunities such as major drilling success or high commodity prices and
  • Generate global, cross-cultural understanding and innovative thinking that can ultimately benefit Gasco’s client base.
  • Establish effective relationships with business and partners.
  • Evaluate or deplete field productivity before committing the capital to a permanent facility.
  • From the very beginning, we have delivered experience, innovation and an
    unsurpassed commitment to quality to a diverse client base. Gasco strives to maintain an extensive inventory of oilfield rental equipment to ensure that we are able to meet all of your rental needs.

We are here to serve as your industry-specific rental service provider. Not only will our knowledgeable staff help you find the highest-quality rental equipment (compression & production equipment) to fulfill your needs, but our certified team will ensure that you receive excellent service and support throughout the duration of your project / operations.When you choose Gasco, you can be sure you’ll receive superior products and friendly, reliable service. Safety and compliance are top priorities at Gasco.